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Tired of being bushwhacked by personality tests?
Find out what
  • DISC
  • AVA
  • Predictive Index
  • Culture Index
  • OAD
  • Platinum Rule
  • ... and others say about you.
These are the tools the hiring managers use, not give-away internet parlor games. Such widely-used tests are accurate, valuable, and they all measure the same thing.

If you do the assessment honestly, the reports will be similar. Find out what they'll say before the interview and get specific coaching advice on how to present your strengths the way the tests do.
Use the advice in your Job-Fit Profile to evaluate the job description and the corporate culture in terms of your natural strengths. If the situation plays to your strengths, you're far more likely to succeed.
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Down-sized? Right-sized? Laid off?
In 2012, job interviewing is going to be a very competitive sport. The red hot hiring won't be back soon. You need an edge: a way to get to the front of the line. Learn what the personality profile the HR people use says about you.

Do the Job-Fit Profile at no cost and receive a partial Job-Fit Report. You can purchase the full report for just $39.95 when you've seen the accuracy and value.
Invest in Yourself
Don't sit there in the interview merely hoping the personality test they gave you won't rule you out. A small investment of time and money and you'll know how to use the test results to rule you in! Our MRA Job Fit Profile reports are written for you, not the HR manager.
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MRA is the profile that hundreds of employers use.
What is Job Fit and why is it so important to me?
Learn how you fit in.

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